Intake Forms

There-Is-A-Lot-Of-Paperwork-to-Fill-Out-For-the-K-1-Petition-2Below are PDFs of the intake forms you will need to complete and email for your first Integrative Ayurvedic Medicine appointment. There are 5 forms total. It will take you about 45 minutes to complete them all.

Here are instructions for downloading, annotating and sending the forms: How to Email Intake Forms

1: RAA’s Basic Health History Intake RAA Long Intake Form June 2015

2: RAA’s Basic Ayurveda Intake Formraa-prakriti-vikruti-self-intake-sept2016

3: RAA’s Digestion/Toxicity/Immunity FormRAA_Agni_Ama_Ojas_Assessment

4: RAA’s Daily Routine Intake FormRAA_Ayurveda_Daily_Routine_Intake_Form

5: RAA’s Detailed Ayurvedic Constitutional Form Prakriti-questionaire_ Jan_2016


For those who have already had a First Appointment, you can take this Imbalance Quiz to see how you are doing

RAA’s Ayurvedic Imbalance QuizImbalance quiz stand alone